Parent Committee

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year at White Oaks Montessori School.

This year promises to be a fun, exciting and productive year of growing for you and your children.

One way to really enhance your family’s experience this year is through The Parent Committee. It is a very integral part of your experience here and can provide you with some insights, some knowledge and some fun. We are known throughout the school as WOMPA (White Oaks Montessori Parent Association).

Whether you’re a parent of a new child just enrolled in the school or a veteran, there are things that you may not know about your Parent Committee. This page will hopefully answer your questions and encourage all of you to become involved in some way in your child’s experience at White Oaks Montessori.

Participating in WOMPA provides a way to be involved in such a BIG part of our children’s lives – we are here to support and encourage one another, and to provide assistance to the school with our time and energy. WOMPA is about being involved in your child’s school experience and working with the staff to enrich that experience.

Yes, we are all very busy every day. We are running from here to there and back. That’s why WOMPA asks only what each parent can give, no more. There’s something for everyone – no matter how much time you have or what “skills” or “talents” you think you have – there will be something for you to do to help enrich your child’s first school experience. Here are just a few of the volunteer activities you can choose from. We are looking for moms and dads to ..

  • Attend regular meetings
  • Chair an activity
  • Help out with an activity – before or during the event
  • Design fliers and/or newsletters
  • Assist the school by participating in specific events.

Tell us how you want to be involved – give us your ideas. Each activity is different – requiring different amounts of time, based on what you can give!

Helping the kids
We’re here to help the kids. In the end, all of the work we do on behalf of WOMPA is for the kids. Whether it’s fundraising or attending a workshop to enhance our parenting skills.

Participate for the fun
We are going to try and make this year fun for kids and parents alike! We encourage you to become actively involved in the Parent Committee this year. We promise, you’ll have a good time if you do.

Easy for you
We want this to be easy for you. Your children are the most important thing in your lives. Participating in the Parent Committee should not be a burden. It should be fun. It is fun! You’ll meet parents, like you, who have to deal with the pressures of work, school, kids and life. You’ll meet people who have the same concerns that you have, the same issues you deal with.

If you have a skill or talent you can share with WOMPA, please tell us! Everything is welcomed. If you have a particular interest or an idea for an event, tell us that too. We are always open to new ideas.

WOMPA’S meeting schedule has not yet been finalized for the 2013 – 2014 school year.

Thank you
Thank you in advance for your time and effort this year. WOMPA can only be successful because of the work that you put into it. We are looking forward to a very exciting, productive and fun year. We look forward to meeting and working with each of you. Please call us with suggestions, call us with concerns, but most of all CALL US!

Please call (905)278-4454 or email